Field Day


Princeton Ham Radio Club Field Day 2009

Princeton Ham Radio Club Field Day was a great success this year. Mikey did a great job planning everything out, and is a great cook as well. Not really sure what to say here cause I am no writer so I just thought I would go over how my experience went and started.

  Well I went to bed the night before about 11:00 pm and woke up about 2:30 am and worried that I wouldn't wake up in time to help out so I decided to stay up. I woke my father up about 5:30 am and we left out of the house about 6:30 to go over to Mikey's house to help him load up. On the way there dad pointed out the sign at the school, Mikey did a great job on it. We made it over to Mikey's and Ty was already there and soon after us Dave and Lisa came to give a hand and he had some extra room on his trailer. We loaded everything up inc the kitchen sink and made our way to the park, on the way the scooter that Dave had on the back of his trailer fell over, so I gave him a call on the radio and let him know, we pulled over with him and helped him unload it and let Lisa ride it over to the park.

Sign at the Princeton School

  At the eat and meet earlier that week at Hardies I had saw the multi cable bundle that Jonathon and Dave had stripped the coax from, it looked like it was meant to bury underground and it had 2- 50 ohm coax cables and 6 control cables about 14 gage I would guess. I bet it was hard work striping them out especially in the heat we were having that week. Thanks 

  So we made it to the park and my dad and I started trying to help Dave with the wire antenna's, which the day before he put up some small rope over the light poles using a slingshot and fishing line. So we only had to tie up the ends of the wire antennas to the rope and pull them up and hook up the coax and run the coax to the radios. Dave checked the polarization of the antennas to try to cut down on any interference that they might have being how close they were to each other. Dave already had the antennas cut to the bands they just needed to be trimmed a bit to center them to the band they were cut for.

  Next came setting up the tents Ty and Mikey already had pulled out the "big top" tent and had the poles ready to be set up. Jim and Jonathon had made it out and we all gave a hand in setting up the tent and then started unloading Mikey's trailer and Ty started setting up the food tent and the other tent we had.
The big top tent

 Once the tables were setup and Jonathon Dave Jim and Mikey had there radio's setup we pulled out Mikey's big generator (which was big enough to light up Fredonia) I started working on the computers setting up the logging program that Jonathon had purchased and setting up the network.

 Jonathon and Dave had to leave for the testing they were giving over at the EMC building were they meet up with Mac and had a couple guys show up, one passed his tech and general the same day!!

 Shane came rolling in always good to see him and soon DJ pulled up with his trailer and he started working on putting up his tower he had help from Jeff from the
Webster Co Club KJ4JYI
they set it up and I came over to give a hand with the guy wires. They used Ladder line to feed the 160 meter wire antenna which was hooked to Mikey's Kenwood TS440.

 Dave, Jonathon and Mac made it back from testing. Dave and Jonathon started trimming the antennas. Dave had brought his Yaesu 1000 Mark V and set it up with the 80 meter antenna. What a beautiful rig that thing is! He had the dual speakers and a boom stand that had a Heil microphone (Mac would say it sounds tinny LOL) But I can't tell you how nice of a setup he has and to bring it out on field day!

Dave Radio

 Jonathon had brought his Yaesu FT-897D and was on 40 meters he also had a automatic tuner and a nice set of headphones. That is a lot of radio packed into such a small foot print.

 Jim brought his Icom which I believe was a IC-728 and he was set up on 20 meters. He also had brought his antenna tuner and brought his scanner his 2 meter and 10 meter rig. Jim went and talked to the Princeton Eletrical Plant Board and talked to them about wireless Internet and they let us use it for the weekend so we all had a Internet connection. He also brought a club T-shirt which looks real nice and they are dirt cheap!

                                                PHRC T-Shirt

 Sometime in all this Richard showed up with Com 1 and so did Lee, Twyman, Bill Allen, Billy Frank and a bunch of others. Richard set up Com 1 getting the generator running and having the first aid kit and the 2 meter radio ready for action.

Richard and Com 1

  Dave is a mad man on the radio making pileups of people trying to talk to him to make a contact, I tried to run the logging program for him but I couldn't hear the call's like he could, he has a gift! I was slowing him down so I jump out and let him take it all over himself, he is a contact machine. 80 meters would run good for a while then die out then start up again.
Dave NU4W

 Mikey announced that it was lunch time and I grabbed a hamburger and hotdog. After getting everything setup up Mikey started cooking (he was working non stop) it was good getting some food in my belly but the heat and lack of sleep and the work that I had done I was so tired. So me and dad headed back to Fredoina to take a nap with plans on making it back over later that evening.
Mikey at the grill

 So with the nap out of the way we made it back about 8:00 or so and came back to still a big group of people, Dave was still at his radio but was getting tired, he finally went to his truck to catch up on some badly needed sleep.  Jim was still there but was just about to leave which he did shortly after we showed up.
 Well we missed Dinner but I heard it was great, Mikey cooked up some steak sandwiches. Karen made lasagna. Richard and Gail brought baked beans and a bunch of eating utensils, plates. Twyman brought the brownies and chips. DJ and Maggie brought the potato salad. Sounds like we missed out big time!

 Jonathon was still there and I sat next to him listened to him make a few contacts 40 meters was rolling most of the day and night. Jonathon left around midnight and I played with his radio a little bit checking out all it's features, like I said before this radio packs a whole lot into it's small foot print.
Jonathon KY1LAW

 I played with Jim's radio after he left and listened to 20 meters a for a while it was still hot, it was going strong all day. Jim's radio is a great, very easy to use and gets the job done very well. He loves checking in to the HF nets every day with it.

 I also tooled around on 80 meters on Dave's rig, I was half afraid to touch it but I did spin the vfo around listing to this and that. That radio looks to have every bell and whistle on it. I know that he was able to make everyone tune to him he didn't jump around, he found a empty frequency and stayed there and let the contacts come to him, and soon enough he would have the tripping over themselves to get a contact from him. Great radio operator and a great Radio/Antenna combo.

 So soon enough it was just Mikey, TY, my dad and me still up. Ty had to leave as well, he had church the next day. Mikey finally was able to sit down and out of the blue Billy Franks shows up again and we got to hear some good stories from him about running CW. Mikey in the mean time was showing us his pictures he took that day and also trying to see what was wrong with his radio which we never did fix.

 Dave woke about 3:30-4:00 am or so I would say and soon Mikey was making coffee. We all sat around talking enjoying the conversation. It was a nice night/morning it cooled off quite a bit, it was such a hot day. It was 7:00 before we knew it and Mikey was off to making breakfast, he made French toast, eggs and sausage links, man that was good!
  Dave was back on the air when breakfast was being made. He stopped long enough to eat then was back at it again. Pretty soon Jim was back and Ty stopped in before church. I was getting tired again so me and dad left to make it home to take a nap.

 We woke up about 12:30 or so and headed back out to the park to help with the take down and when we showed up at the park everybody was gone. So we headed over to Mikey's to see if we could help him unload which he already had 90% done but we gave him a hand with the rest of the stuff he had and headed back home to recover!!

 I had a great time and would like to thank everyone that came out! This was my first Field day and it was a great one! Thanks again for a such a good experience! If you would like to see all the photos from this years field day make sure to look at the
photo gallery!  73 KC8DAX